Dec 28

Corsair H100i water cooler fail

Recently I got my hands on brand new Corsair’s water cooler H100i, did some testing while monitoring 20 degrees lower temperatures than stock cooler, there is annoying low pitch noise (whine). Checked out the corsair website and they suggest upgrading the firmware to newest version of 1.0.4. It turned out that my firmware was already newest one, tried upgrading anyway. Nothing helped the noise is still there. Corsair knows about this problem, but it’s more than month has passed and no solution from them yet.

I checked out the official Corsair forum, turns out that almost every H100i and H80i device has a problem. The solution found in this forum’s first post does not work. In reality either you will get high pitch noise after upgrading the firmware, either brick your cooler, it looks like the chances are 50/50.

Anyhow, while waiting for new firmware there is some temporary solutions:

  • Do not upgrade if you are not experiencing some problems
  • Plug H100i fans to your motherboard fan connectors
  • OR plug H100i fans to your case or cooler control panel connectors
  • OR use other fans for the H100i radiator


Since Corsair has deleted the firmware from their servers, you can download 1.0.4 here.

It has worked for me, but did not solve this noise problem, as I know it was deleted from their website, because it was damaging (bricking) to many H100i devices, so I must say again USE IT BY YOUR OWN RISK!

Firmware file H100i_v1.0.4.s19

Corsair Link 2.1.1

Corsair Link 2.2.0